Rulling Thunder 1511 Logo

looks sweet guys! can’t wait to see ya at Finger Lakes Regional!

What are your team colors?

Red black and white

where did you come up with that name?

i had chosen that name for our robot last year because of all the noise the omni wheels made. good choice!

That seems to be a very popular color. :rolleyes:

Argh, not more red and black :stuck_out_tongue:
Well at least thats 116s school colors so we have an excuse.

Anyway, nice logo. I trust it will be impressively displayed on your robot and shirts.

Hey! What’s wrong with red n’ black? Just for that your getting a low draft spot for the Fantasy FIRST championship squirt! :stuck_out_tongue:

In the begining we had everyone on our team vote for the top 5 names and then we voted again and Rolling Thunder seemed to fit us well.

There are too many teams with the colors Red, white and/or black. :ahh:
let’s see…
Team 188
Team 1006
Team 144
Team 74…
and I’m probably missing some other teams. It’s hard to identify one team from the next with those three colour, when there are multiple teams with that colour combination…

Well I will get technical here… given that there have been over 1600 teams, and there are only 6 primary and secondary colors, plus black, white & grey… that makes a total of 9 colors and if I did my math right, that is only 84 different combinations of colors if every team picked 3… so there is going to be A LOT of overlap :slight_smile:

We picked Red/Black/White because both our school colors and Harris’s colors are Red/black/white ( &, so it seemed to be a perfect match… perhaps not original, but its us. Maybe next year we will go carc green :slight_smile:

Don’t forget plaids!
We thrifty Scots just reuse the same colors in different patterns.
I can see the tartan field now… Now where are those vision tetras?