Lol, we mad this mini robot that tows around the trailer for us to shoot at it…

We called it the Rumba :smiley:

Very nice utilitarian robot. What control system are you going to use for it?

For us, we’re just using last year’s robot, unmodified, to tow around the trailer; she still works, so hey, why not, right?

Brilliant! I love it.

uuuhhh we just made a really small controller out of wood with two switches on it, one for each wheel lol. Its tethered.

wow brandon. thats not even the completed version.

ZOMG Only you would be packer fan…where were you today?

what, you mean every team doesnt build a spare full size tank drive robot during the build season just to drag around the trailer? how peculiar…

Nah. We made one of these:

I was thinking we could use Jake to tug the trailer around.

Jake’s our FTC robot, by the way, not a minion.