Rumble in the Roads 7 | 5 Nov 2022 | Newport News Virginia

Rumble in the Roads

Saturday, November 5, 2022
Menchville High School, Newport News VA

“Rumble 7” currently has 21 of 32 teams registered and it looks like it’ll be a fun event!

The slate of Rumble teams are coming from 3 states, and includes 5 of the 6 finalists from the FIRST Chesapeake Championship. Also, the new leadership of FIRST Chesapeake will be there… they’ve indicated that they’ll visit each of the region’s offseason events to meet the teams and volunteers.

This year’s event on Saturday, November 5, will return to our original venue, Menchville High School, where the event was held 2014-2016.

Compared with our 2017-2019 venue, at Menchville we will have:

  • A larger practice field (big enough for all your autos!)
  • Pits and field in separate spaces, and bleachers on both sides of the field
  • Lots more cafeteria space (and no conflict with an SAT test happening simultaneously!)
  • Significantly easier load-in & load-out
  • Much more parking

We hope to see you there!

Team registration - Volunteer registration

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Want to test out the new double elims format? Rumble in the Roads is doing that.

Want to try doing localization with AprilTags? Rumble in the Roads has them.

See our rule changes here.

Offseason tournaments like the Rumble provide everyone (students, mentors, volunteers) learning experiences that they’ll leverage to their advantage in the upcoming regular season.

Similarly, lead mentors and trip planners need training opportunities too! We created this document with the hope that it would help team leaders plan their way to our event.

Road to the Rumble 2022.pdf (142.1 KB)


After a three year hiatus it was great to be back at Rumble in the Roads! The 2022 event was extremely well run and we were thankful for all the work that @Nate_Laverdure , @kjohnson, and everyone from 122: NASA Knights, 1610: Blackwater Robotics, and 2363: Triple Helix put into the event. It was awesome having the ¾ practice field available, it was constantly busy and helped SO many teams tune, tweak, and improve performance. I wish teams could have that at every FRC event.

For us what really differentiates Rumble from other events is the level of care, patience, and compassion that volunteers and staff show towards the teams. There were so many examples of this: our CSA @akiyengar working tirelessly through control system problems with teams, queuers coordinating to keeping everyone updated on the double elims bracket, field staff being tolerant of repeated alliance partner swaps, and all the help from numerous volunteers to try and diagnose and repair a damaged robot before a match replay.

We have to of course thank our alliance members 422: Mech Tech Dragons, 435: Robodogs, and 339: Kilroy Robotics. We collaborated with 422 through four events this year, as pit neighbors, scouting partners, and friends. I’m happy we finally got to win an event together. 435 and 339 were both awesome to work with throughout the playoffs, thank you so much for putting up with our swaps between matches; while we didn’t have enough teams to do full four team alliances it was neat to see it at least partially in action. We were excited to work with 435 again as Team 401 won our first ever event with them way back in 2005, and we don’t get to see NC teams very often. We were really glad to have 339 back in FRC and in our alliance. When we needed them in some rough playoff matches Kilroy was there and was a huge help.

Thanks to the new pre-rookie 9003: TuTu Turtles for being great pit neighbors and putting up with all of our mess and shenanigans throughout the event. We were consistently impressed with how you all handled the stress and pressure of competition and are excited for your rookie season. Congrats on winning the Pre-Rookie Tenacity Award!

We’ve shouted them out before but would like to once again give special thanks to 1908: ShoreBots for continuing their care packages in bathrooms at events, they’re such a great resource and are always very appreciated, this is another thing that should be at all FRC events.


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