Rumble in the Roads 8: The Ocho | Oct 28 2023 | Newport News VA


Heritage High School - Newport News, VA

FRC Teams 122 The NASA Knights, 1610 Blackwater Robotics, and 2363 Triple Helix present: Rumble in the Roads 8 - The Ocho!

Team registrations for this event is $388. Invites for “B” Teams will begin going out in September. Registration cost for a “B” Team is $250.

We already have a great lineup of 14 teams from three states signed up. The registration limit for this event is 32 teams.


Our team is looking forward to this! Thanks to 122, 1610, and 2363 for hosting :slightly_smiling_face:

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Team 401 is excited to compete at Rumble again! Not with three robots though.

MERCH is starting to roll out at


Team 401 is excited to compete this weekend with both our 2023 competition robot and our new Celt-X inspired second bot!


Thanks to 122: NASA Knights, 1610: Blackwater Robotics, and 2363: Triple Helix for another great event, everyone on 401 had a ton of fun at the 2023 Rumble in the Roads!

We have to thank 836: The RoboBees and 422: MechTech Dragons for scouting the event with us. It was great for all of our new students to get some scouting experience but still have time to explore the pits and talk to teams. Congrats also to both of our scouting partners and to 122 :b: on winning the event!

Having both of our robots in elims was hectic but was a fun challenge for our pit crews, drivers, scouts, and strategists. We have to thank all of our alliance partners- 1599: CircuiTree, 1915: Firebird Robotics, 122: NASA Knights, and 346: RoboHawks for working with us throughout the playoffs. There were some stressful times for both alliances but I think we all learned from the event and gained experience that will be valuable for competition season.

I was impressed with the consistency, efficiency, and compassion of the entire volunteer base at the event - when we, a veteran team who should know better, forgot our red bumper set and had to improvise the ref crew and field staff were both supportive and provided materials to help us get ready for the event. Aside from a charge station breaking again and the snafu with the Twitch stream getting banned it seemed like everything at the event went smoothly. I was beyond impressed that everything from the event was packed up and the PODS were closed before 8 PM thanks to 2106: Junkyard Dogs and 122: NASA Knights.

Thanks also to 5804: TORCH for their kindness loaning tools when we needed to patch our B bot’s top roller, and 3737: Roto Raptors for giving us 8mm retaining rings that we somehow forgot to pack. I’ve been a 3737 fan for several years now and once again they had by far the coolest robot at Rumble in the Roads with custom 3D printed swerve modules, cycloidal gearboxes, and extremely elegant cable routing. I hope they publish their CAD again this year so the broader FRC community can get to dig through it.


Any thoughts on when registration for 2024 will open up? My team has some grant money that would need the be spent soon and were interested in registering 2 teams. We would be okay with even paying in advance of knowing dates, etc. if needed.

Soon! We’ll be announcing the date, location, and opening registration before the end of the month. If you need to make a payment before the end of the month PM me and we can work something out.


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