rumor time: wheel size limited to 4"??

If you started reading the New Products page you will see a trend of 4" wheels, then there is this.

“The intent of this product is to use this tread for 4” Performance Wheels. It gives fantastic gripping performance and keeps the wheel within size constraints."

seems way to obvious to be real, its December so we are all crazy.

could be wheel width to?

I think all these new wheels are intended for the FTC market. They are the one’s who have a 4" wheel size limit.

FTC allows COTS wheels up to four inches in diameter this year. It’s nothing really major.

who in FTC is running Performance wheels?

The impression I got is that having this tread available makes it so teams can use plaction/performance wheels in addition to the other 4" wheels in AndyMark’s line of products for FTC. This year, FTC has legalized any wheel 4" in diameter or under (and it’s well worth it, too; our FTC teams are running the 4" HiGrip wheels right now, which have a much greater coefficient of friction against FTC tile than normal FTC wheels). We tested a VexPro wheel with both wedgetop and roughtop tread, and that had an even greater coefficient of friction than the HiGrip wheels.

Whoever wants to, why shouldn’t they?

We’re running HiGrips this year too, so glad to not have to deal with those terrible Tetrix wheels.

And the one and only time in recent memory (since 2001, or so) FRC limited wheel size, they specified that “Thou SHALT use this wheel, and only this wheel, in any quantity you desire”.

Lunacy v2

But isn’t the new kitbot that is coming out for 2014 being made so the middle wheel is a direct drive 6in wheel? I remember reading that a while back so it would make more sense that they are stressing it for FTC purposes over releasing a kitbot that wouldn’t be legal.