Run dashboard on development computer

Is it possible to run the dashboard on the development computer? If so, how would we go about doing it?

To run the dashboard on a development computer, but the driver station on the Classmate, you navigate to the setup tab on the DS and set the dashboard to be remote and enter in the IP of the development computer. At that point, the DS will forward packets to that IP/port. It is up to you to put the dashboard on the development computer and to start it.

Greg McKaskle

Go into c:\Program Files\ and copy the FRC Dashboard and FRC DriverStation folders onto a USB and copy them back on another computer.

Note that copying around executables will work fine as long as the other computer has a LabVIEW runtime engine and other driver files installed on the other computer. If it doesn’t work, use the driver station installer, then copy over the EXEs.

Greg McKaskle

Since the driver station installer installs the dashboard, it shouldn’t be necessary to copy any executables.

is the driver station install “”? Because I ran that on my Dell development laptop and now do not see the directory FRC Dashboard in program files. Should I just copy the folder from the provided laptop?
Also could I just plug in my laptop with the driver station into the router and use that without setting the ip’s.


The Dashboard is contained in a separate update,
You could just plug in the driver station laptop without doing anything to change IP’s, but you probably wouldn’t be able to connect. With the driver station’s default settings, the IP will be automatically changed, so it’s in your interest to use the ‘remote’ setting.