Run when disabled during competition?

Our team is using a linear actuator for our arm and I was concerned if our arm is all the way out when the match ends, it might be an issue moving it around with the arm out. I was thinking having the arm all the way down command run when disabled but I am not sure if that is legal during competitions with a motor running after the robot gets disabled.

You can run commands when the robot is disabled, but you cannot run any actuators.

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Ok good to know.

It’s a safety thing. Unsafe is by default illegal. Motors running not under driver control, not safe.

Now, you say it may be an issue if the arm ends the match while out. OK, I can see the possibility.

Question: is there an easily accessible place to manually turn the linear actuator?
If there is, bring a power drill or driver with the proper attachment.
If there is not, load robot onto cart and off of field, roll to an out of the way spot. Tether, retract, power off, return to pits.

We are thinking of adding quick disconnect attachments on the arm to quickly lower the arm and get it off the field.
Next thing we have is a drill with the attachment to lower it so we could disconnect the actuator and lower it.

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At 1 second remaining, you could 0 the actuator. Just remember, that might change your balance.

That is an idea but I was also considering if we are delivering at the last second or robot gets disabled during the match.

If the robot gets disabled midmatch, ain’t much you can do except hope it doesn’t take damage.

The bottom line is that you will not be able to apply electrical power to your motors, linear actuators, or other actuators once you’re disabled or the match is over. One of the teams I inspected today had a Neo550 driving a screw shaft which extended an arm (based on one of last year’s climbing hooks, but without the springs) with a claw on the end. They had mounted a compliant wheel to a power screwdriver, and applied it to the outrunner shell of the neo to extend/retract their arm without applying any electricity on the robot.
If you want something that will release on an unexpected disable, that is considerably more involved.

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