It’s a pretty cool rpg with massive levels and tons of quests. I found it through Real arcade and thought I’d give it a try. Theres tons of stuff to do and most of the game is free, some areas and items are off limit for non-members. . give it a try, my characters name is 527phil, feel free to add me to your friends list.

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mine is pip darkhold but i dont play often. My level is 65. :smiley:

Oh boy I remember this game. Back before FIRST consumed my life this game consumed my life. It had individuality before they switched to the 3-d everquest-esque graphics. It is a great way to kill some time.
(Oh and by the way I was level 59 and a Hero before I stopped playing)

I love Runescape, I’m currently a level 45 or 46 I think. I’m Chase5560.

Are the levels your talking about your combined level? or your combat level? because right now my combat level is 12 but my combined level is 102.

my combined combat level is 65 my total is 800 and something. I know that is allot but i didn’t start the account it was like 21 and 200 when i got it.

I rarely play it now (I prefer text-based ones like CarnageBlender [sp?]). I’m thinking of possibly re-starting that one also, my name on it is raevin.

FYI Phil, level refers to skill level and skill total is well your skill total with the combined numbers of your skills.

I played this 2 years ago. Maybe I will pick it back up sometime if I have free time.