Rungs on robots/robots picking up other robots

I’m with Team 151 out of Nashua, NH, and due to the extremely small size of the rung on the scale, we are thinking of putting a rung on our robot for another robot to attach to after we have already climbed to face the boss. As the student lead managing the build season and all things robot for my team, I have a few questions for the general FRC community.

These questions are:

  • How many other teams are planning on including some way for other robots to climb with them/on them after they have climbed?
  • Are teams planning on creating climbing mechanisms that allow for a climb from various heights?
  • How much do teams trust another team to climb up using another robot, or to be climbed on by another robot?

We’re planning on at least adding rungs to our robot for “tandem” climbing. We also would be willing to climb onto another robot’s rung emulator.

Keep in mind though that Chief Delphi responses are overly optimistic and should not used as a gauge for the abilities of the average team.

Almost have to pre-plan to only do low rung , when we climbed in Stronghold we could not possibly use that same mechanism to climb lower somehow… its almost a decision about how many “rungs” will be lower than the ONE PROVIDED in each match. Unless low rungs are plentiful the given RUNG seems like a better shot.

It’ll be interesting…this will be a cheesecake though

Check out this and this for some data that may answer some of your questions. Disclaimer: these polls may not represent the majority of teams in FRC and may not represent the final results, only teams’ current intent.

So my thought is that having an adjustable climbing mechanism (such as some mechanism that can extend any distance from the robot) may be a lot more beneficial during this year’s game compared to, for instance, a game such as Stronghold. Since the rung is so small, I believe that there will be some teams that will also put rungs on their robots or fit themselves up against the wall of the scale in order to allow another robot to climb. This means that teams will have to plan for multiple heights at which they could grab a rung, whether it is on a robot or on the scale.

My team 1247 in Sutton, NH is looking to develop a cascading lift and winch system to pull ourselves up, but we don’t know how much room that would leave for other robots. We would hook onto the box tubing on the side. Do you think it would be possible for two robots to hang on the one rung? Or should we look at climbing onto other robots?
We would gladly climb another robots rung if that meant a RP, but we are just trying to figure out how that’s actually possible without jeopardizing the the robots.

Honestly if you are opting to design a rung on your robot then the mechanism to hang on said rung better come from you IMHO, have the ability to cheesecake cause like one of the other people said robots are designed to hang from the rung provided not the dimensions you are choosing to offer. I would make a modular climber out of VersaStock so everything can be adjusted on the fly because no two robots are the same. I think most top teams will have this said design ready to go for the last pick on their alliance. The idea of hanging another 120+ lb robot from your chassis is still the sketchiest idea unless you have a design like 2337 did in Breakaway.

From a strategy standpoint whatever the “interfacing” of the two climbing bots is it better be FAST and simple. The last thing you want to do is end up in a net -1 . -2 point per second or more with 1 more power cube boost scenario for added 30 +RP (30 in Elim) in the endgame you watch your points decrease while messing around adjusting heights etc for a possible 2 bot climb.

I don’t see this until eliminations being a thing…maybe not even then. We are talking added 30 points not 100

Team 4103 from Indiana has thought about letting other robots climb on us, but I do not believe we have come to a decision yet. We plan to climb using the corner/edge of the rung to allow another robot to have room to climb. One of our concerns with other robots climbing on ours would be, for example, if they grabbed onto the wrong part of the bot and broke something or if they were too heavy and we could not support them. Another concern I’ve heard would be inf the climb mechanism on another robot is potentially destructive and harmful to our robot (ex. grappling hook that launches inside the robot). I hope this helped in some way!!

We are planning to add a bar under our bot.
We don’t know yet if we can climb from various heights, but probably won’t.
I would judge trust by how well I see the bot put together. The thicker the aluminum, the safer I feel.

All of the answers are “mights” and could not actually make it to our final bot.

We are looking at building a climbing mechanism that allows us to climb at any height needed, since a 13 inch long rung isn’t a lot of room for 2 or 3 robots to climb (unless the first team to climb flattens themselves against the wall to allow the others to climb). Is the box tubing legal to climb on? That may add some more room for robots to climb.

The rung on our robot would be the same size as the one on the scale, the only difference is that our rung would be slightly lower. We are planning to build it to be able to support up to 300 additional pounds, and our climbing mechanism should supposedly be able to support up to 500 pounds total.

What year was Breakaway? I would like to take a look at 2337’s matches from that year to get a feel for what a strong bar design would be.

I tried watching some videos of 2337 on the blue alliance website, but the videos are so low resolution I’m having trouble seeing how their mechanism worked or what it looked like. Would you be able to explain it to me? This is one of our team’s big challenges to figure out how we can build our chassis to support the weight of another robot on a rung, and any help is certainly appreciated.

2337’s robot had an upper frame structure that looked exactly like the tower structure. When they pulled themselves onto the tower, their frame was at the same height as the tower frame.

So an alliance partner who had the capability of grabbing the tower and raising the robot would also have the same capability of grabbing 2337 and raising.