Running 971's Python code to learn State Space Control

There is no doubt that 971’s robot this year is a force to be reckoned with. The part I am most impressed with is how the robot moves. During the Sacramento regional I had a chance to talk to Travis from 971. His suggestion to me is to look at their Python code to get a sense on how they do their control loop analysis and tuning for the state-space controllers.

The library’s needed to run this is usually in linux ( and requires a Fortran compiler). Since I am a Windows guy I thought I’d post up a YouTube tutorial on how I got 971’s python code to run. The link is below:

I still haven’t dug enough into 971’s code yet to see how they do it, but I thought it would be a good idea to share this so others can have the opportunity to understand 971’s method on state space control loops. It does appear to create 4 files that I think they load into their BBB controller. I am hoping Austin Schuh might have more to say in this thread since I think he did a lot of work in this. Good luck and hope this helps!

Good to see that you got it working!

When you have more specific questions, post back, and when I have time, I’ll try to help answer them.