Running a 12v solenoid on 24v?

So we managed to get a mix of 12v and 24v solenoids on accident… correct ones are on order, but it’s holding us up waiting for things to come. Would it damage the 12v solenoid if we ran it at 24v? Or can we get away with it? Thanks!

You CANNOT run a 12v solenoid on a 24v circuit. It will damage/destroy your solenoid.

Please do not attempt 12V components on 24V, you will end up with magic smoke or in worst case fire!

That’s kind of what I was figuring… oh well, guess we’re waiting for our shipment to come in.

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The PCM is capable of 12V and 24V and you’re allowed multiples. If you have an extra PCM hanging around, you could wire up the 24V solenoid to it and test things with pretty minimal code changes.


Quickie fix: use 2 ea 12v solenoids in series on 24v

Problem with 12v solenoid on 24v is it will draw 2x current
For brief periods this should cause no harm swo long as max current draw from 24v is not exceeded. (brief: solenoid not held ON for less than ~ a second)

Doubtful this would be allowed if they are using the PCM for control. R35 only allows one pneumatic solenoid valve per channel on the pneumatics controller.

You can put a series resistor in the circuit to drop the 24 volts to 12 volts. You need to know the current draw of the 12 volt device to calculate the value of the resistor using ohms law.


From what I understand, they have a proper solution that abides by the rules on order. They just need something in the mean time to continue with their development.

12vdc coils will be hotter under 24vdc source. In short time ok, but long time, it will be burnt. you can buy a single coil to reduce the cost:]