Running a Live View of RoboRio Ports inside of Labview

Done a lot of software and hardware development over the years; but, can’t figure out if Labview (on PC) can have a live connection to the RoboRio, over ethernet (and the WIFI Bridges), to see port statuses simultaneously with Dashboard?

If so, can anyone tell us where helpful info is on setting this up?

Thanks much,
Team 1720

Run the Dashboard from the VI, run RobotMain from the VI and probe away. Don’t forget to enable from the Driver’s Station. Some stuff (camera and more) works all the time. We did it a lot today via tethered ethernet. Should work, with some lag, through wireless. Indicators on the VI’s work nicely, too.


Just to say things differently, on the RobotMain VI, click on the run button on the toolbar, next to the Stop Sign. This will download the VIs to roboRIO RAM and keep a debugging connection open. As mentioned, you can open panels to see values flowing in and out. You can see the run buttons pulse between reserved and called. You can open a block diagram, right click on a wire and open a data probe. You can also right click on a function or wire or diagram to set a breakpoint.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks a bunch. Very helpful.

Our team was only downloading everything into the Roborio, and clicking ENABLE on drive station. This adds far more debugging capality…I knew it had to be there somewhere. [This first year is a bit overwhelming, trying to just find and keep track of the endless info on zillions of forums! But, I’m beginning to get some ground traction!]

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