Running a Step Motor with Arduino MEGA

How can I make my NEMA 23 step motor (SY57STH56-2006A) run with Arduino MEGA. Firstly I’ve never use Arduino before, what I need?

Buying one of these or something similar should get you started. I’ve found that Adafruit’s tutorials are generally of high quality.

ETA: This page’s description of the motor should help you with the actual wiring of the motor, seeing as it evidently can be used as both a uni and bipolar stepper motor.


I use These

They may be a bit overkill for NEMA23, but I feel they are safer and neater than the smaller BLDC boards that are used on 3D printers mainly because they are enclosed with a better terminations.

The way this hardware works is the hardware looks for a pulse once it gets a pulse it “steps” the motor. You feed the controller with a high or low signal on the direction input to change directions. Then their is an enable line that is normally closed that you can turn on and off to enable or disable the stepper. (A disabled stepper is free spinning).

Then you can go several ways in programming land. Their are some libraries you can use, but what I have done is just a basic pulse generation where a pin is on for x seconds and off for x seconds then looping that.


thank you!

thank you, it helped :smile:

Happy to help, shoot me a dm if you have any other questions

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