Running Can Jaguars on Arduino *Released

This will allow you to run your jaguar motor controllers on arduino over the can bus. There are 3 features that aren’t supported yet and that is getting speed, position, and limit switch status from the controller. I had an issue with the jaguar sometimes sending a number that confused the arduino, so I will release that when I figure out what is going on.

I started working on this library probably a good 8 months ago. Then I didn’t work on it for quite some time. Its spring break now and I decided I better finish it. So here ya go :cool: Next I’m going to release the entire ArduRIO control system

The Wiki should explain everything, but if you have any questions, or bugs please feel free to contact me.

Can you put the Jag in current control mode? And can you get current feedback? I’ve been hoping to turn old Jags into high current battery testers, but needed a way to control them without an entire FRC control system.

You can put the jaguar in current control mode. At this point I haven’t been able to get feedback working reliably, I need to do more experimenting with the acknowledge protocol. every now and then it will return a random packet with some unknown information. I need to figure out a way to deal with that.

I don’t think a jag could take the current necessary to test batteries, correct me if I am wrong here. but those batteries could supply hundreds of amps, and current mode requires tuning a PID. Again correct me if I am wrong here, I think battery testers just short out the battery’s with a know resistance, and then measure the voltage. too much v drop over a short bit of time would indicate the battery is no good

I am thinking about using current mode to control a large heated bed on my 3d printer :slight_smile:

I’ve got one of the West Mountain Radio battery analyzers, and it can only handle 100W. So about 7.5A on a 12V battery. A 0.35 ohm resistor would limit you to 30A at a 10.5V cutoff voltage, and 38A at 13V. I’m mostly interested because it would make testing 4 times faster and also closer to actual FRC loads.

This sounds really neat! Thanks for doing it, I’m looking forward to seeing the results.


Here is a video of a robot I build last summer using ArduRIO entirely

don’t look at how messy the wiring was, I did fix it, and make it safer :ahh:

The jags were running on can in the video

Bit of a bump here, I added my Library for controller All PWM motor controllers on Arduino. It can control Talons, Victors, Jaguars, and Sparks. and is very easy to setup, please check it out if you are interested

What hardware do you use for the CAN controller? Do you have a parts list or schematic for this? I didn’t see anything about the hardware in the source code, and the video description did note that you were using a TTL to UART converter, but did not have any specifics.

Do you know whether this library would work for a CAN Talon?

Check the Wiki

And no it doesn’t work with CAN Talon, It wouldn’t take much actually to make it work with can talon actually, the protocol is mostly the same the only thing different are the API values sent over in the packet.

Thanks, that wiki link helps!

Well I feel bad know that I didn’t make it obvious that the wiki showed how too use it. what do you guys suggest I do to steer people towards the wiki?

I was looking for something in the comments of the files in the repository, though a separate text file in the repository named “hardware_info” or “schematic” or something like that with a link to the wiki would have taken me straight there.