Running Code in Debug Mode | Power Hawks 1111

Hey Frenchie Here from team 1111,

We are just starting to jump into the world of C++ on the cRIO and have heard about a code debugging mode where it does not actually burn to the cRIO but saves in ram? We have looked through documents and have not found a way to do this. Help please.


First you must undeploy any code set for startup using the First menu. Then right click on the project after you have built it and select “Execute Kernal Process” or “Debug Kernal Process”. Its on page 11 of the file “GettingStartedWithC.pdf” from WPI

From the document:
To start a debug session first make sure that the PC is connected to the target. Right-click on the project name in the “Project Explorer” window and select “Debug Kernel Task…” The Debug dialog is displayed.
Figure 1: Setting the entry point on a Debug Configuration for a robot program.
Change the name of the debug target to something meaningful like “2010TargetTest” shown in the example. Select as the entry point the function FRC_UserProgram_StartupLibraryInit. On the debug options tab, select “Break on Entry” and “Automatically attach spawned Kernel Tasks”. This tells the debugger to stop at the first instruction, and to make the spawned task (your robot task) available to debug.


its Run Kernel Task and Debug Kernel task not Execute Kernal Process and Debug Kernal Process
they have a green play icon with a gear in the corner and bug icon with a gear in the corner (respectively)

I would normally use Run Kernel Task instead of Debug Kernel Task

Ok, i have downloaded the .pdf and on the very first set up (The Debug Settings window) it says "Connection to use: " and our drop down menu is empty, although the direstions seem to assume that there is already an entry there.

Thanks guys for helping the noobs out page 4-6

It worked byteit thanks a bunch, this si the second time you have helped us.

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