Running deployed code at startup

Our programmers have been doing a great job of climbing the learning curve, but still haven’t had time to discover how to make deployed code “stick” in the cRIO (survive a power down).

Do we just need to reimage the cRIO with "”Always run deployed code at startup” option selected, or is there something else we can/should do?

Are you using Labview, WindRiver, or Java?

oops, need to provide enough info!

it’s Labview…

I was going to refer you to a tutorial or discussion that could explain this better but most didn’t seem to talk about deploying code for startup.

Checking the “Always Run deployed code at startup” is a first step.

To actually deploy the code, go to the “Project Explorer” window for your LabVIEW project. The expand the last entry “Build Specifications” so you see the “FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment”. Right click that line and select “Build.” After the code successfully builds, right click the Deployment line and select “Run as Startup” this will deploy the code into the cRio to run when the cRio is powered on.