Running more than 8 motors URGENT

How can you run more than 8 motors (talon srx). The pdp only has 8 “ports”. Are you allowed to split?

You can run motors off 30A breakers in the smaller slots.

Are you referring to controlling the talons or to powering them?

You can power them through the 20-30 Amp breakers or the 40 Amp breakers. You CANNOT have two controllers on the same breaker. (R-45)

Just remember the wiring requirements… 12 gauge works for everything.
If you choose to use smaller diameter wire you would have to use a corresponding breaker that matches. (14 ga minimum for 30 Amp Breakers or 18 ga minimum for 20 amp breakers)

Of course you could use 12 gauge or bigger for anything you want.

We are using all 16 of the slots for motors this year.