Running Multiple Robots

My team is running multiple robots during demos and we are having connectivity issues. We are sure it is with interference as the connection is better when only one robot is being used. Does anyone have suggestions on how to make this better. I have been told that making the router 5 Ghz would make it better. Please suggest anything to make it faster. Ideally we should be able to run 3 robots together at a fast speed.

One solution always is to just connect over Ethernet. We always bring an Ethernet cable to demos at least as a back up as we frequently have issues even with one robot.

Using a 5 GHz router and computer should help. The 5 GHz band has more channels available to limit interference. Make sure that all pieces of the Wifi network has 5 GHz. The robot radio is already 5 GHz capable. You can use a tool like Wifi Analyser for Android or Windows 10 or Acrylic Wifi Home to help track Wifi interference. Make sure that there are no networks on overlapping channels.
I have also had success reducing interference in heavy Wifi environments making the robot network a hidden network. This prevents people’s phones from trying to connect to the network. This was using the old D-Link radios, I don’t know if this is needed for the new radios.

Someone had this same situation not too long ago and there was a pretty big thread about it. Here’s a link: