Running NI Suite on Mac

Hi. So I am currently a Mac user and I want to use my own computer instead of a school computer to run code on. Because NI Driver Station and all the other Labview stuff can only be ran on a Windows system, I downloaded Parallels, an awesome virtual machine. Every config works just fine except for the last part. When I try to deploy the code from VSCode, it says “Can’ t execute a shell command on a UNC drive using cmd.exe.” Any ideas on how to fix it? What should I do next?

I would try setting it up to dual boot. Boot into windows so it’s not a vm, get everything installed. Then point parallels at that partition and see if things work that way. If not, you’ll still be able to get it to work by booting into windows!

Apple has a product called BootCamp for running Windows on Mac’s. So setting up Windows 10 in BootCamp is your best bet.

The VS Code setup works on Mac natively. You can run the DS in parallels, but for VS Code it will work just fine natively on mac, and there is instructions on screensteps how to set this up.

The error you are seeing is because VS Code and Gradle do not support executing properly from UNC paths. You are likely attempting to open a project from a network share, which is a UNC path. That does not work, and it is not possible to fix.


Thx I would try

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