running other programs

Posted by M. GOugeon at 05/07/2001 9:22 PM EST

Student from Gaspé high school.

I am just starting to learn delphi and I would like to know if there is a way to interrupt the normal execution of an application and run and external program (DOS or Windows applications) and then, when it is terminated to come back and continue the normal process, just like the old EXEC() procedure normally founded in the Turbo Pascal package.

Posted by Matt Leese at 05/07/2001 10:18 PM EST

College Student on team #73, Tigerbolt, from Edison Technical HS and Alstom & Fiber Technologies & RIT.

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Posted by M. GOugeon on 05/07/2001 9:22 PM EST:

This isn’t a place to discuss Delphi programming.
You must’ve confused Chief Delphi (which takes it’s
name from Delphi Automotive) and the Delphi
programming language made by Borland (or Inprise or
whatever they call themselves these days).