Running Talon Based Motors Without a RoboRIO

Was wondering if there was a way to run a robot CANBUS directly from my laptop to run some old turrets/intakes as demo pieces?

Talon FX and SRX controllers can take pwm as input. This means a thrifty throttle can send them commands to make them run, even without a CAN bus.

Depending on your controls requirements, perhaps this is sufficient?

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I think something similar to this with a USB controller might work. Annoying to code, but do-able I think.

I believe Arduino’s can do PWM as well, you could code through that.

You can also run without a laptop if you replace the roborio with a CTRE Hero board. You will need to re-write code …

I was aware of this, however the problem isn’t not having a laptop, it’s that I didn’t want to break the bank on roborios, and while ctres are cheaper by quite a bit I’d rather put in the extra work to do it for free with pwm to usb cables.