Running the CameraTestProject

We are trying to run the CameraTestProject sample code, using the camera.getImage() instead of the default images. However, it seems to not be printing anything out to the screen. I tried adding print statements before the while loop of the autonomous code, and it does not output either. We are able to access video from the camera on the dashboard. Any help? Thanks!

EDIT: And then 4 minutes later, while I was looking at code from a different project, it outputted the statements and gave the AxisCameraException: No Image available. Odd.

We resolved our problem by setting up the username FRC and password FRC thing, (as suggested in an earlier thread :o ) but we did it through the manual method, adding an extra user + password in addition to admin/admin.

Yeah, our programmers faced the same problem until they learned to RTFM (read the first manual) and add an user (a solution I gave a few minutes ago)

Another way we got this error was calling getImage too early, before the camera was ready.