Rutgers Regional-Please Help with the Shirt Project

Team 25 is looking for contributions of team buttons for “The Shirt Project” We are asking each team for ten of their buttons to be added to ten hawaiian shirts that we plan to distribute to special guests in our travels to express the good will of all FIRST teams.

Each year our team makes numerous appearances with robots at schools, hospitals, organizations, fairs, etc. These special button shirts would be presented in the spirit of FIRST to promote the development of new teams, thank VIPs and spread good will.

If your team wants to get on board with the project please see Melanie, Jesse or Kristina on our Volcano Crew at the competition next week. Thanks.



This is an awesome project. I believe 103 gave you a few buttons for this project in Annapolis, but I’m not sure the number was 10. Have the crew stop by our pit at Rutgers to get what they need. See you there.


I’m sure 293 can provide you with some buttons. We’ve got hundreds of SPIKE buttons just itching to be given out. I will try and bring some over to you guys in the pits on Thursday, just look for the kid wearing safety goggles with a little black box attached that says “Its Not a Camera Ignore the Clicking” Maybe I might be able to get 1 or 2 of our teams personal buttons with our special messages. Look forward to seeing our BMS mates at Rutgers.