"S-Botz" Team 1327 New Website

Greetings other team’s.
As the webmaster for our team I rarely have time to talk to other team members on their thoughts on our new website. I was wondering if other team’s could look at our new team team website and tell me what you think, what needs to be worked on or fixed. “S-Botz” Team 1327 New Team Website](http://sbotz.nd.edu/) Thank you and good luck on this years season.

Design: I like it! It seems very organized, very efficient, and very effective. I’m not sure why you have the menu/submenu system at the top and all of the submenus on the side, as well. Perhaps the top should just link to the main page and all of the submenus could be accessed from the sidebar? The colors are relaxed and easy on the eyes, and it’s generally quite functional. I’m sure, though, that your use of the FIRST Logo is in violation of a few of the strict standards—check that out and fix it ASAP.

Content: Your content is lacking in some areas. Try to keep a consistent layout for most pages, including text size and page organization, when possible. I’m not sure why the font size on the sponsors page is abnormally large, or why the first letter of each word in the title in the Updates section is red. Try to integrate the New Members page into the rest of the website when you can, as well as the old 2004 information and media. The “About the Team” section could be designed more effectively. The “About FIRST” section is unnecessary since you have an entire section of the website dedicated to FIRST, including another About FIRST link. When trying to visit the Sponsors page from home, the link is dead because of capitalization inconsistencies. There are a few spelling errors throughout (i.e. “pitt” instead of “pit” in Nick’s profile. In the sub-menu, I’d like to see “About the team” changed to “About the Team” and “Movie’s and Pic’s” needn’t have any apostrophes—“Movies and Pics” would suffice. On the sidebar, “Esthetic Pref Survey” should be “Aesthetic Pref Survey”.

Annnnnddd that’s about it. I really do like the website—most of my complaints are pet peeves and such. Congratulations on the nice design, and good luck in 2005. :wink:

Well done. I’d suggest that you work on the consistancy a little bit though. Obviously the Team Member Area since through Yahoo! can’t be customized with templates, but pages such as New Members and the FLL team site should look the same as the rest of the site. I’d get rid of the top submenu bar since it’s kind’ve useless with the side bar being more accessable (you only have 2 or 3 links in the top submenus that aren’t on the left side, and you have plenty of room, just put them there) If your team has a logo of some sort, I think that would look at the top of the page where you currently have it with text, just to give it a little more pizazz because it’ll attract the viewers eye to see your team’s name as the first thing. With the main content of the pages, I wouldn’t keep the entire thing bold/italic. Only use bolds and italices when you want to stress something important, otherwise people won’t notice those important things. Finally, I’d move the FIRST logo to the top as well, because currently it’s probably considered altered since it is vertically squished to fit in place, you need to have the logo stay with the same proportions (vertical/horizontal).

Overall, very well done though. I like the professional look.

The first thing I noticed was the huge image you put on the front page. It’s about 1024x768 but you use HTML to resize it. I highly recommend resizing it in Photoshop or Paintshop (or virtually any other editor) to the size you want it on the page. It’ll save on bandwidth and load quicker. I’d also agree with font consistency (bold and italics in places they shouldn’t be) and ditching the top menu. It’s redundant. A team logo would also be nice. Something simple, but so it at least sticks out more than that small bit of text. Other than that, I really like how the site looks. It’s a great design with good colors and easy to navigate. Good job.

Looks Great. One thing, and I have noticed this with many team sites, you do not have your location or school listed. Keep up the good work, see you on the Einstein Field!!!

Your main area has curved corners on both the left and right sides, yet your top linkbar has only curved corners on the left. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but I’m nitpicky :o

Wow, that’s a really nice design you have for the nav bar at the top. It looks really professional and corporate as if it were designed by some important company…oh wait what’s this now


Yes, I myself also noticed that it was the classic Dreamweaver MX template :ahh:

Yes indeed that is the “Halo” page design that ships standard with Macromedia Dreamweaver, which is similar to the old Macromedia website’s design.

Overall nice site, but I would work a bit on the consistency among pages. :slight_smile: