S.W.A.T. 1806 Three Cube Auto

S.W.A.T. 1806 and Raising Canes is proud to give all of our haters the finger… The chicken finger that is…

Click here for the Three Cube Auto

See ya at Heartland and Oklahoma Regional.

It appears we are in an “Arms (or Elevators?) Race” :slight_smile:

Looks awesome, congrats 1806! Keep up the great work.


Thanks, we are just trying to pressure you into posting that 4 cube auto, so we can figure out how to do it :]

Vacuum race.

So how many will we see in auto.

4 seems obvious.

5 Anyone?

4 will never happen during a competition.

Optimized shooter with fast intake on one side and shooting out the other could do it.

What do folks predict will be the multi-robot max cubes for one alliance during auto? My guess: 7 (8?) by Einstein’s.

I think it is possible, especially if you have swerve drive

If you stick to the switch, 4+ is certainly possible.

Great job SWAT! I honestly think that by week 5-7 we will easily see 4 cube autos and 5-6 by worlds. The cube race has begun, who will make it to the moon? This is going to be an insane year…

Nice work!

Wow just wow amazing work guys :yikes: , my team is now working hard on doing our own 3 cube auto almost there

I would be pretty surprised to see 6, but I see 4 as a real possibility and think three will be more common than most people suspect.

Great work guys!!

Now it’s time to accomplish a 3 cube when the colors are on opposite sides of one another

I know the feeling.

Into the exchange, maybe.

Though what’s the value in that :rolleyes:.

I have not interacted with an official Exchange, so I cannot comment absolutely on how it behaves, but given that Q76 (and followup Q90) state that possession of cubes is a transitive property, and that A05 states “POWER CUBES are off-limits”, I don’t think putting cubes through the exchange may be as effective as you expect it will be, unless you are really shooting them through there.

Use the latest one that is placed to push the ones further in. Easy.

The two linked Q&A questions stated the ruling that pushing Cubes through the Exchange with another Cube counts as a violation of G22, possession of multiple Cubes.