Sabre Bytes 772 - 2013 - Present FLASH

Here is 772’s 2012 robot “[b]FLASH!”

The team worked hard to make the most Simple and Fastest robot we could.

Our goal was to have a human loading robot that could pick up off the ground for autonomous and end game purposes, we figured out our picker upper was illegal, and will possibly have a new one after FLR.

The shooter is a simple 90 degree shooter with a direct driven 6inch VEXPro traction wheel. The feeding system is a simple bucket with a belt underneath that pulls the Frisbees into the shooter. We have gotten this to shoot 4 Frisbees, accurately, in 0.9 seconds. Keeping with the simplicity we don’t even have an angle adjustment, we shoot from the middle of the pyramid mostly, and have other places to shoot from also.

We have a very simple 10 point hang that uses two pneumatic pistons to pull our robot up off the ground. We have the shooter far enough over that we can shoot while hanging in the 2 point goal.

We have two 18 point autonomous, one of which you can see at the end of the video.

And yes there is a reason why the shooter shoots out the side of our robot rather then the front/back. (if I told you please don’t post it)

The lights will not be flashing like that during matches.

We will be at Finger Lakes Regional, Waterloo Regional, and Greater Toronto West Regional!

Hope to see you at Champs!!

Now I’m very intrigued about this design decision :slight_smile: Also, slick robot!

Maybe just drive by the line of discs in the center and just shoot them right out or something? Maybe it will all be revealed when we see their floor pickup (which might be illegal - I’m curious how a floor pickup can be illegal)

It was outside of the 54inch Cylinder when it was going down the the floor. design flaw.
and now that’s not it :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the floor loader extends beyond the 54" cylinder?


Did you like my 987 shirt when I was dancing? hahaha :smiley:

Very slick design. Love the LEDs. My team has went with simple this year as well. Could you give me some more details about the green belt that you are using to feed frisbees into the shooter (seen in the video at 3:51)? Did you purchase it from McMaster? What about the pulleys driving it? Seems to work very well. Thanks.

Edit: Drivetrain looks like ours as well. Have you experienced wear on the tread of the Versa Wheels? Our center wheel has been wearing faster than the others causing slower turning and I am wondering if once the pointier part of the tread wears off, the larger surface area wears less. Might just have to swap center wheels at competition.

Of course! My apology, I was so focused on examining your cool bot that I stopped watching the video when the credit frames ran. Goes to show, one must see everything to see everything…

We are not using Versa Wheels, we’re using Traction wheels with Hatched tread. wheels usually wear over time. Last year the pneumatic wheels 1114 had on their robot were completely flat (tread) and had no tread on them at all, so you may have to change them a few times this year to keep a great drivetrain.

The belt was made for us in 2011 (for our failed gripper) and happened to work for this design. we had a belt made for us this year but it was wide, so if it tracked it would jam. We got it made by a local manufacturer, so no it wasn’t from mcmaster-carr.

ahah Thanks Joe :slight_smile:

I was sad that we weren’t going to see you at any regionals this year, but now that I’ve seen those LEDs, I’m a little happier about that fact. ::ouch:: I like the frisbee advancing mechanism, very ingenious.

When we were practicing a Frisbee fell out of our loading station and landed like this. We already had the face on it fro some reason, the frisbee just made it 10 times better.

I’m glad to see that we’re not the only team shooting out the side. I was getting worried on Premiere Night until I saw 772. Looks slick–definitely more so than ours. Nice work.

3929’s robot shoots from the side as well, which is what their robot’s name comes from: The Stonewall Jackson (has nothing to do with the Confederates lol)

Wow. I’ve watched your video more than once (it’s one of my favorite this year) and not noticed that.