Sacramento for Canada! Host-a-Team!!

With the growing number of FIRST teams and regionals, we here at Team 1097 have a GREAT IDEA!!! The “Host-a-Team Program”, or you host us, we host you.

The invitation is out from Team 1097 to host any team from:

MOSCOW (and we don’t mean Idaho)

If any team will host us for those regionals, we will invite that team to the Sacramento Regional (the best small regional in the West!) and host them in return.

Any takers? Contact Team 1097 at [email protected] if you are interested.

That sounds like a great idea. I notice that you are from California. Would you be willing to extend this invitation to those on the East Coast? Let me know. Sounds like a good idea for U.S FIRST to develop an even larger friendship!

Well sure! If you’re interested, just post here about it. I mean this doesn’t just have to be with our team but it can be a place where other teams trade as well. What regional(s) do you typically attend?

what do you mean when you say Host-a-team?

I would assume he means having your team members put up their team members in your houses, giving them transportation to the event, and stuff like that, then they would do the same for you.

Very well said. Yeah and it doesn’t have to be houses if you want. You could easily house the team your hosting in a hotel. Basically we are trying to encourage the growth of teams rather than just have them only attend a certain regional every year. Last year at Sac, we had teams from Florida, Texas and other states all attending the regional. You broaden your experience of FIRST by going places you never thought you would.

This is a great idea. Last year team 22 was hosted by team 188 for the Canadian Regional (now the Greater Toronto Regional). This year team 188 will be hosted by team 22 for the SoCal Regional. Not only do you get to go to distant regionals, you also expand your friendship base. Best of luck to all teams that attempt this. It will be good for you and FIRST.

610 Crescent School is signed up for the Sacramento regional i believe? you might contact them if you want to try and arrange an exchange? =).