Sacramento Regional 2012

Thought it was about time to start this thread up again this year! Who is getting excited for the competition? Less than a week away! I have two teams to root for this year so it should be fun!

I’m so excited for this year, Solano County has got 4 teams repping it with 701, 2085, 3013 and 4185.

Some more teams im excited to see compete:
692 The Fembots: Always fun to be at their scrimmage and see them at this regional, one of the friendliest teams
971 Spartan Robotics: world champions not too long ago, be afraid…
100 Wildhats: We at team 701 consider team 100 one of our bigger rivals and welcome any opportunity to compete against a strong robot.
115 MVRT: Routinely does well at this competition
1678 Citrus Circuits: Always find some way to impress me each year
604 Quixilver: I never remember their team number but they always build a great robot and get lots of awards
1351 TKO: hosted a great Cal Games one year and always a competitive bot

The Solano Alliance:
701 RoboVikes: I feel like we’ve been a pretty strong team the last few years and with how much work went into this year’s robots we may finally be able to make that leap and win a regional.
2085 RoboDogs: Consistently strong bot, finalists last year.
3013 Zombots: Great robot, and when i played with them unstoppable on defense, shut down the Penguineers in 2009
4185 Fantastic Falcons: New team who 701 has lent a little help, can’t wait to see what they do at their first competition.

Sorry for any teams i don’t know, This competition is always great but my memory isn’t the sharpest when it comes to remembering the teams.
I’m excited guys let’s make this a great one!!! :smiley:

Team 3189’s lookin’ forward to the competition!

SAC is gonna be so awesome this year! I wish we could make it, but 256 will be rocking SVR and CVR. Maybe next year. :slight_smile:

Good luck to all the teams! Let’s hope for another great year!

Team 840 is excited to be there-- it’s our first year competing in an event outside of SVR! See you all there.

Don’t forget 1323, they always have a powerful robot.

971 is pumped for Sac!!!

1671 has a great bot again this year and is looking forward to some great competition this year :slight_smile:

Here is a video of Doc VIII The Fish!

1671 can’t wait to attend the sacramento regional and see the other teams from the central valley compete. It’s always been a great regional.

Ah Yes Madtown, the regional chairmans winners in 2009. Nevermind the fact that they always compete well and end up high in our scouting system. Can’t believe i overlooked them. Same with the bird brains, correct me if im wrong but they had an interesting robot last year and always seem to put together an impressive animation.

DampRobot will be there. I look forward to see all the great bots. Good luck, teams!

I think what will be interesting this year is Sacramento is mostly a defensive competition, and it’s very difficult this year to play defense. I think this year SAC may have outcomes that no one will expect…

SAC usually is a defensive regional, however a lot of powerhouse teams from SVR will be going this year. The team im looking out for is 971. I have a feeling the defensive SAC veterans won’t stand a chance against the unmatched power of NorCal.

Well true, but a lot of defensive teams have switched to offense this year. It will just be a whole new ball game this year.

Lol. It is, as you say, a whole new ball game this year. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never quite seen a ball game like Rebound Rumble (Aim high is close, but never scoring in horizontal hoops).

And you bring up another interesting point; The teams who normally play defense will be playing offense this year, some of them for their first time. Will the new offensive teams be able to keep up with the veteran offensive teams?

Only time will tell. 4 days until SAC. You ready? :cool:

Sacramento isn’t a “defensive” regional as much as it is a “can’t-play-offense-ive” regional. The average scores over the years speak for themselves, it’s not like all those teams go into the competition intending to play defense. I expect a few teams to do well, but scores will be below average compared to other regionals.


I would actually have to agree. For many teams this is their first regional so they use it to practice and make sure everything is working. That is why scores are normally so low. But from what I have noticed, there are a lot of teams this year that are stepping up their game, and I think scores may be a bit higher than in previous years.


Not to sound rude, but SAC has never been a strong regional. Not to say there aren’t strong teams there, but that there are a few decent teams, maybe one or two strong teams, and a bunch of average-class teams. In order to succeed as an average-class team in this regional, all you need to do is prevent one of the stronger teams from scoring, and you’ll be chosen to be on the winning alliance. Because of this factor, many of the teams there focus more on becoming better year after year at defense, rather than becoming strong offensive bots. Therefore, when the teams from offensive SVR come this year, there will be a huge upset. Most of the standard defense used in this regional from previous years won’t work against the offense-heavy SVR teams, and the average teams will be blown out of the water.

I hate to say it, but it’s true. A team gets better by competing with teams better than them, and in an environment where A) there aren’t too many strong teams, and B) it doesn’t take much to defend against the few strong teams, the average-class teams don’t get any better.

Maybe a little NorCal power is what the SAC regional needs to become the offensive regional it’s destined to be.

I agree that Davis is defensive not because of choice, but because of necessity. Our team (somehow) got chosen for eliminations despite the fact that our manipulator was broken, and ended up playing defense.

Given that I’m fairly new to FRC, is this defensive trend true for all early regional? Or is it just the unique dynamics of Davis? As stated above, there are few “powerhouse” teams, but it seems to me that this would be advantageous to mediocre offensive teams scoring, not resorting to defense.

Like I said above, SAC is a regional where you don’t need to be a good scorer to succeed. Unfortunately, it’s one of the only regionals like that. Because of the lack of strong scorers, team’s have gotten into a trend of trying to be the best defensive robots at the regional, often making their goals be more oriented towards “making alliance xxxx score 1/2 of their normal score”, instead of having goals of “scoring xxxx points”. If you compare a team who can score well vs. a team who defends well, generally the scoring robot will be put into higher regard. If you put the same two robots in Sacramento, the defensive robot will be put into higher regard, since it seems a stronger defense has become more important than offense.

Is it the best option to make the new and surrounding teams stronger? No. Is it a bad idea? Maybe, maybe not. Look at it this way: How many teams have you seen who regularly go to Sacramento, a defense-heavy regional, make it to the finals of a championship division, or even Einstein, compared to the amount of teams that make it from offensive-strong regionals like SVR?

Good defense is always nice to have, but isn’t worth it if what you’re defending against isn’t that strong in the first place. That’s Sacramento in a sentence.

Let’s see that change this year (971 is going to win it all, I’m calling it).

Here is who I predict will be top 8.

  1. 971
  2. 1323
  3. 100
  4. 1868
  5. 1671
  6. 1678
  7. 604
  8. 115

971 will most likely choose 1868 because they have worked with each other in the past and they have the ability to practice with each other frequently because they are so close. 1323 has a history of declining to join the 1st seed and go for their own alliance so I could see 1323 going with 100