Sacramento Regional people

Who do you think had the best robot overall?

I don’t know about overall design, but I think team 56 had the most effective robot. That thing stacked fast…

I personally liked team 330’s robot the best. The beachbot’s protective flaps enabled them to cap even when being attacked.

I also loved 1671 (Doc)'s robot. they effectively placed tetras underneath the goals to gain control of rows. they were the highest rookie seed and won the rookie all-star award.

My team would kill me if I didn’t say ours :smiley: , but I thought 245 had a very nice robot. Self centering arm, feet to keep in place, high reach, and not too slow. They did a nice job and deserved to win. Harker also had a nice tetra holding setup.

yes, i loved our secure mechanism as well :). Personally i though all the capping in ai bots were amazing (56 254 and 1097). Also as matt said, the side panels on the beachbots was a nice idea that served them well when capping.

My favorite drive train was 114 (crab drive). My favorite arm was 1323 (screw drive powered by a CIM). My favorite manipulator was either 1072 (nifty locking mechanism) or 330 (miniature beach ball). My favorite chassis was 330 (fold-down side ramps). My favorite coding was 973, 56, and 1097 (all effectively capped autonomously in their home row).

I love my robot (245), and believe it is one of the strongest robots there. I also think that our partners were also very strong, and thats why we won. If I had to pick one robot as the best, I would have to say that I was very fond of 330 with their wings, expecially as they got more and more proficent with the auto load station, which is much faster in my opinion.

I loved Sacramento so much. We might just be coming back next year, if we can raise enough money!

But anyway, I totally cannot pick a favorite. I loved the robots in the winning alliance (245, 1072 and 766).
245 was good in everything: speed, height, defense…
766 was fast and accurate.
And 1072 had a good tetra-locking mechanism on their manipulator.
114 sported the ever-so-classic crab drive (it’s always a favorite). Plus they were good defenders.
Any team that can cap during atonomous I like. (973, 56)
1671 was a definite fav amongst the rookies. It was small, fast and defensive. Plus it can score points! Not only that, but it had a nice paint job.

Sac was a tough regional with phenonimal teams. I’m surprised my team got as far as it did with all this great competition!

Hey, I feel flattered that you all liked my autonomous, though I would have to say it was far from the best. 56’s was consistant, so was Bellarmine’s. Looksing at how things go, the mot effective thing to do in autonomous is either knock down the hanger or cap. I mean, it generally takes 15 seconds at least to cap a goal normally with loading and all, so why not make use of that autonomous period?

-Tony K

P.S. Would you believe I wrote that autonomous from scratch in 15 minutes before our first match on friday?

dang. Rep point for you. Im in denial

599 was my favorite bot.
1097 wasnt bad either …
973’s control system was awesome, considering how much (or how little time) they had to test their bot (one of their mentors came to our shop on the night we crated the bot, telling us that they are driving it for the first time)
254 was alright, but I was hoping to see some big new crazy machine … but thats alright … they seemed to do all right with what they had …
1422 was also really nice …

I think Atlanta is going to see some really good competition this year … but 42 more days … I think im going to go CRAZZZZY :eek: