Sacramento Results

245, 766,1072 Beat 114, 254, 1097 in finals.


Awesome. Congratulations to 245, 766,1072, 114, 254 and 1097.

My team went there to watch, I didnt get to go though, I heard there was a round with 72 points, any higher?

Cany anyone post all the awards won at Sacramento this year? Who won the Chairmans award?

i went to watch and one time all the goals were owned by red, it was awesome, but they only got 78 pts for it all. (it was strange tho, it said 0 penalty pts, so im missing some key info somehow)
it was sometime during final rounds, the alliance w/ 766, 1072, and 245

:smiley: ~Stephanie
Team 1351

We had round with eighty-something points I believe

MA Robotics - Team 766

----- EDIT ------
I was refering to a game yesterday 3/4/05, but it might have only been 78 points, I dun think so tho. We did have quite a few rounds with a 70’s range score

awsome, i cant wait til our competition in vegas… its so far away still :frowning:

we were 2 seconds away (i swear) from capping all 9 tretras in our quarters vs team 4 (692 and i forgot who else :frowning: )and get 111 points :). O well, cant complain about 78 either :). We went lossess in elims, wooot. congrats to 245 and 766, great job helping out guys !!!

edit: just realized that 78 is higher than 72. Yay

I should point out that 254, the cheesy poofs, had never lost the sacremento regional, until now. :smiley: They were finaly defeated by 245, 766 and 1072. We didn’t have close matches in the finals, we dominated. The silicon valley regional will be very intreasting. 254 is still a tough team.

The Poofs did not win Sac in 2003

EDIT:your right, i checked and 254 was 2nd at sacra in 03

Word I heard was it was Team 393, Full Metal Jackets, from Morristown HS in Indiana.

Congratulations to team 393!.

you heard correctly. other awards (if i mess up forgive me and i dont remember them all) engineering 1388 industrial design 56 website 254 control system 973…um spirit 692. 1097 won something, i forgot what :(. Also forgot the name, but the coach from 330 won woodie flowers. Ill try to think of more, but my brain is kinda fried

We won the sportsmanship award. Good job everyone on the winning alliance! It was good to play you. :slight_smile: Also great job to everyone at the regional for making it “The Best Regional in the West” :smiley:

254 won Website and the Motorola Quality Award (with Raul and Dan from Motorola & Wildstang working the event ;))

1671, one of our mentee teams, won highest rookie seed and another rookie award.

The Cheesy Poofs have never lost at Silicon Valley, not Sacramento.

254 took some serious blows. I dont remember the exact team number (which is probally a good thing … I dont want to start a flame fest) but they seemed to be driving into 254 non stop. They actually broke a few wheels off the poof’s bot and we were ready to give up our wheels if they needed em in the finals - their custom wheels are basically the same as ours (except ours arent anodized and dont have a little design cut out).

The game was alot more agressive this year than I expected … and its much easier to get a penality than I expected also. The refs were tossing down so many flags that on Saturday, the ref would explain to the human player on why they got the points docked. There were alot of matches that were X-0 or 0-0.

I cant wait for Atlanta :smiley:

that was 753. Then they got dis qualified the first match of their quarters for knocking over 2 bots

Yeah, we thank 1388 for the offer. Although we never had to fall back on using their wheels, it was an incredibly classy move by the team. They definitely impressed me with their GP.

I think that 753 was disabled and DQed not for knocking over two bots, which I thought they did quite nicely and within the rules, but for trying to knock over the third. See this post: