Sad day in America

The 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan has just passed away. Although I don’t remember much of his presidency but a lot of older folks on here do. He was one of the greatest President’s in this country.

My condolances go out to his family and friends.

In light of this thread, I ask that anyone who may not agree with the politics of Reagan refrain from making any remarks. I only say this because I’ve seen it happen before with the passing of other figures. Now’s not the time to debate the life of Ronald Reagan but rather pay respect to one of the former Presidents of the United States.

The Neighborhood Democrat

Regan was quite possibly one of the greatest Presidents of our time, but I will not go into the reasons why for it could easily start a debate and that’s not what this thread is about. This is a sad day for America, but it is my belief that he has moved on to something much better… As we all know he was not in good condition and hasn’t been for a few years, so in a way it’s a bitter sweet moment probably for everyone.

My condolances to all who knew him.

As a Democrat, I can say this was a president I really liked. He was pure and I sure hope more presidents are like him in the future.

I don’t know much of anything on him. But, my government teacher is highly proud of his foreign policies that he did in office. R.I.P. RR

I think “bittersweet” is a good word for his passing. But, to honor him, please spell his name correctly: Reagan. (There are a lot of other people with that name, and I think they would all appreciate having it spelled correctly.)

I wish I could attend whatever services they have for him, but it will probably be next to impossible to get in.

It’s bittersweet as others have mentioned. He was not in the best of health in the last few years. I’m not political at all but he’s one president I admired. I grew up in the 80’s (I’m 26) and remember him well. I even had the Garbage Pail Kids that did a spoof of him. It was also courageous of him to go on national television several years ago and announce he had alzheimer’s.

My condolences too go out to Reagan and his family and friends. It is a nice feeling, to know that despite the distance and time or even lack of familiarity that may set the Chief Delphi community slightly afar from famous individuals, that we still care and cherish their presence and their accomplishments.

Its a real shame, he was a great man and very well liked.

yesterday, i was reading research on the Iran-Contra Affair, for my history report (due tomorrow :ahh: ). this was a scandal involving Ronald Reagan. after i finished reading, i decided to take a break and i tuned on the tv and it was on CNN and said he had died, that was weird!! :eek:

Whether you liked him or not it would be a sad time…(<— not directed at anyone… im just stating)… It is very sad… In my opinion he was a great President…

When I was a kid, Ronald Reagan was my biggest hero. He gave Americans many reasons to be proud. He fought through an assasination attempt. He stood up to the Soviets. He was a doting and loving husband.

During the 80’s, my family life was pretty crappy. Reagan was someone to look up to and admire through some tough personal times. He was a role model for many of us and a hero to me.

I’ve had some family members who have also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, so I am not sad to see President Reagan go. While not happy to see him die, it is good that he is now in a better place. This disease takes away the soul of the person you love. It kills them many years before their death.

May President Reagan rest in peace, finally, and may this peace be with the Reagan family.

Andy B.

My condolances to his friends and family.