Sad news


As some of you may know, today there was a shooting at Purdue University.

Sadly, one student was killed. That student was Andrew Boldt, a Team 1732 Alumni.

Please keep his friends and family in your prayers.




Our deepest sympathies to team 1732, the alumni, mentors and above all Andrew’s family.

Remember him in your hearts and keep him alive through your memories.


May he and those he those he left behind find peace and goodness.
Fair winds and following seas.


Tragic news.

My thoughts go out to Andrew’s family and the whole 1732 community.


So sad! Thoughts and prayers going out to his family and friends!


The Hilltopper’s families, mentors and friends are in our prayers.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Andrew’s family, friends, and team. A truly tragic event.

May he rest in peace.


For those who never met him, Andrew (Drew, never Andy) was a FIRST enthusiast and a quality friend. There is no sense in his death.

A short bio from his former teammate Katie B:
“Today, FRC Team 1732 Hilltopper Robotics lost our alum Andrew Boldt, the victim of today’s Purdue University tragedy. Please keep him, his family, and our team in your prayers in this very tough time. He was a dedicated team member for four years, leading the electrical sub-team for two. A promising engineer as well as a role model for our community, he has always been an inspiration to those he met and will be missed dearly by all.”

He was so close to graduation. Its not fair.


FRC Team sends their sympathies and prayers, to the family and to the Hilltoppers.


What a tragedy that had struck so many communities that Andrew was involved in. My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Andrew’s family and to my fellow Wisconsin friends on the Hilltoppers.


For those unfortunate enough to never meet Drew, he was the embodiment everything FIRST stands for. His freshman year he really wanted to join the robotics team but his parents wanted him to focus on school, so he just became a key member of one of our fall VEX teams. He was the electrical subteam leader for his junior and senior seasons, when he played a huge rule in our breakout 2010 season. Since graduating, he always kept in contact with the team. At the Boilermaker Regional the past two seasons, he would give personal tours to our students, not only showing them the school, but showing where FIRST can take them. He would always take time to tell the mentors about his quad helicopter project or his work on efficient engines during his summer internships. Drew was destined to be a great success and was already a shining example of where FIRST can take an individual.


We are so sorry to hear the news about Andrew. We will keep the Andrew’s family and the whole Hilltopper family in our thoughts.


Sad news indeed. Prayers and thoughts are with the Hilltoppers and Andrew’s family during this difficult time.


Cannot believe this type of tragedy can hit close to home. I think sometimes you forget just how small the world really is.

Rest in peace, Andrew, I wish I had met you.


Let us hope that one day, the only shooters are those lobbing exercise balls into the high goal. Sad to lose one of us like this.


This is so tragic, something no one should ever have to go through. All of Team 271 sends their deepest sympathies and their prayers to Andrew’s family, team and friends.

Rest In Peace Andrew


Thoughts and prayers to the team 1732 family, the Purdue student body, and Andrew’s family and friends. I never had the pleasure of meeting Andrew when I went to school there, and I wish I had. I was very sad to hear about this tragedy.


My thoughts and prayers are with Andrew’s family and teammates in their time of need. 1732 is, and always has been, a fantastic team. So sad to see a member pass so soon.


All of us at FIRST Team 1296 will hold up the Boldt family and the members of 1732 in our prayers.


I don’t even have words. On behalf of the Kamen family, as well as the MidKnight Inventors - our thoughts are with Andrew’s family and with the Hilltoppers.

It is never easy to hear that the FIRST community has lost someone, but one of the great things about us is how much of a family we all are - we’re here for each other. Sending all the good energy I can to those affected.