Saddam Hussein captured by US troops

For those of you who get your news solely from CD (:D), every major news outlet is announcing that the US has captured Saddam Hussein.

Here’s a link to CNN’s current story

The question that faces the world at this point: what do we do next?

I’d be one of those, so thanks for posting.

… many, many people will hold more peaceful lives now.

True… I know personally I have been waiting for this since around September 15th when I was able to finallt get all the resarch I needed to have a strong opinion one way or the other…

Good Job U.S. Troups

-Greg The Great

Good he’s gone, but I kinda think Bin Ladin is a little more dangerous to us don’t ya think? I hope he is caught soon.

I would love to see the osama himself get captured tonight… remember osama and sadam are “close-nit” as i ofton say… he peobabally has some info on bin laden… It would e nice to hear hers been captured tonight. (DOA)

-Greg The Great

oh, so they finally got the guy who took down the world trade cent - er, no, wrong guy…

well, atleast they found the guy who was responsible for all those weapons of mass dest - oh wait, that war justification still hasn’t been found after how many months of controlling Iraq?..

atleast the bush administration will try to mend some of its devastated foreign relations by putting Saddam on trial in front of an international tribunal overseen by the united nati - oh wait, no… they’re planning on an Iraqi-only tribunal

hmmm… this is hard… well, what bush can do is use this event as propaganda to help screw up the United States’ global reputation and continue to turn the country into a monarchy governed by secrecy for another four years… yeah, thats it.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE dont start this. Everybody holds their own opinion, and everybody has thier own right. Do not bash the President on these forums and blame is on propoganda. Saddam is captured, and it is better for the Iraqi people and the rest of the world. People will respect you more for being professional on your views.

So let me have my right to voice my opinion - I’m not preventing you from voicing yours.

I understand that you must follow the Iraq war carefully. However have you ever thought information is out there that may not be indentifieable to the public. However no actual weapons of mass destruction were publicised… that does not mean that they do not exist. I will try to explain my point to you all I ask is that you keep an open mind…

Do you recal after 9/11 when the anthrax was discovered in Florida, Indiana, and a few other places along postal routes. Do you remember what happened. People became paniced. my neighbors bought gas masks on ebay for 500 dollars a piece (so did many other americans) the post office employees wore gloves and masks. I remember that when the mailman came to the door wearing a face mash and gloves. That was the day in which I realized that america panics very easily. This bring me to my point in the Iraq war… if they publicized that mass-destruction weapons were found such as a dirty bomb… America could have gone into mass-histeria… in turn being bad for bush, america, and the world. If america overacted from a few dozen people getting a simple desease… what would america do if the U.S. government said that enemy has a weapon that can kill nearly all of the people in the Chicago loop. If the U.S. govenment told me that… I would pack my bags and go to Canada for a few years… as I think many americans would have done somethimng similer… this would also create hatrid for the bush administration seeing as americans would be quick to judge that bush had something to do with the weapons gettting into the wrong hands.

Well That Is My Piece.

If I have offended anyone I deeply appologize… “My opinions do not reflect the opinions of 71 or its sponsors”

-Greg The Great

You bring up a good point… infact, the only point not skewed by misleading facts that the movie, Bowling for Columbine, brought up dealt with this fear-driven media.

However, how many reports have been of Iraqis looting old military bases and stealing anything worth a few cents? Just a few weeks ago I read this story how the military found two radioactive containers burried in some Iraqi’s yard - containers which could have been used for uranium purification. There’s the whole story about how Iraq MIGHT have moved all of their weapons of mass destruction to Iran, and now Iran has them all. Then there was that story of how Saddam might have been working with Osama - the two greatest evils in the world working together.

My point is that although you present a good argument, I find it very unlikely. The media has taken even rumors of anything deadly and blown them out of proportion. If any weapons of mass destruction have been found, I find it very unlikely that something of that scale could have been kept so hush-hush that not even rumors would have escaped. There’s also the fact that the whole wmd controversy is one of the biggest sources of anti-war criticism. I think if the Bush administration would have found any wmd, they would have revealed them publically to finally justify one of the key reason we went into Iraq and shut people like me up.

I understand what you are saying… I just would not rule it out as a possibility… look at the cover-ups that have taken place in our government… Although I know media does bow things out of proportion the U.S. government may have infact told them not to print/share such meterial or be put in jail for treason… or some other political charge used to justify lies. I think you are very knowelageable on the situation and it was great to hear your opinions.

-Greg The Great