Safety Anima. adding sound in Maya

I’m one of 3784’s animators and we are haveing trouble getting sound on our maya animation we are almost to the point of going silent movie style becuase we can’t seem to find any demos that cover this.

Also how exactly do you publish an animation in Maya?

And has anyone else noticed that the Autodesk edication cummunity pages are just kind of going hay wire?

Here is a simple guide to importing sound into Maya.

Imported audio is great for matching up animations but you’ll want to use a video editor (Premiere, Final Cut, etc.) to combine your renders with audio for the final product.

As far as “publishing and animation” I assume you are talking about saving the animation as something you can watch using a video player. This is called rendering and a quick youtube search results in a handful of videos explaining the process. This is the first one I clicked on and it goes through the process step by step.

If you have any other questions about maya or still have rendering issues that google can’t solve let me know.