Safety animation turn in?

Where can you find the safety animation turn in? We looked where it was last year but it wasn’t there! So can anyone help us with this? Thanks!

Go to manage your roster, select student as awards submitter

Go to manage account, and you should see the awards tab up top to submit.

The new STIMS system tucks this away into somewhere really unintuitive

THANKS!!! We got it turned in! thanks for the help

I actually found it to be not bad at all in the team roster from the Dashboard. There’s just a box you tick or untick for each student award submitter. I was looking for a submit or save button (and there isn’t one) but it takes effect for the student as soon as you click the box.

I’m talking about the submission of the award itself. One would think it would have its own box on the dashboard, or appear as a task, but nope. You have to click ‘complete youth member registration’, at which point you’re taken to the old STIMS where you can submit the award

In the old TIMS you used to be able to see if a submission was made for an award. I can’t find that screen in the firstinspires dashboard. Our student has confirmed that they have made the submission, but I’d like to confirm. Any ideas where I should look?