Safety Animation

Who entered? We did

The Metalheads entered for the first time this year. We had a very small animation team, (consisting of myself as a student and Eldarion as a mentor) but it looks like enough students got interested to want to make another animation. Click on the link below if you would like to see our animation.

Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:

really really nice, Once suggestion. Instead of haveing the hands and the the glasses move pose to pose. Have them more life like and little more fluid. (But not to fluid) Just make it seem like hes shifting weight on invisible legs. (get what im saying?)

But other than that very very well done.

I really like metalheads’ animation. I like the idea of personifying and inanimate object relating to safety. The overall effect comes out a little humerous and it gets the message across. We did something similar, except with a first aid kit.

This is our entry.—Surrounded-by-Safety-2007

aww i wish our team could’ve done the animation but its our first year so we didnt have time and im just a freshman and im on the animation team to learn how to do it and im the only one i think so im basically getting ready for next year. but we still didnt get the laptops yet:mad: i wonder if anyone can help me with this animation buisness

Here is our entry, It took a while to make but I think its really good.

That’s a good one! Was the guy who wasn’t fried wearing safety glasses? I couldn’t tell.

Everyone’s animations are looking really good. 1070 submitted one courtesy of one dedicated animatress?? It’s our first year so we just enjoyed doing one. Anyway, can’t wait to see the winner at kickoff.

Congratulations to Team 375 for winning the Safety Animation contest! What a way to start the 2007 season!

Your animation was cute, creative and clearly delivered the message “Surrounded by Safety”. You guys did a great job within a VERY short deadline.

Team 375, your animation is very good I must say. You know how to budget your time well to fit a lot of rules in your animation, plus have an emphasis on being “surrounded by safety”. After I submitted the animation and looked at your team’s animation, I knew from the start you would be the winners. Good job to all teams who participated in the event.

If only I know how to budget time well… and didn’t have to scrap my old project and had about a little bit less than a week’s worth of work to do the safety animation, lol. We learn though :). Good luck with the main animation!

Nice job with the animation.

Now I’m going to have my team name our first aid kit.

Congratulation 375 on an outstanding animation.

That said, I’d like to warn teams about one thing they mentioned in their animation. Please only wear safety gloves when welding/brazing/forging or other similar activities. Gloves remove sensation from your hands and pose entanglement issues, and should be avoided when possible.

I laughed.
For one thing, this morning I got out our road travel first aid kit, checked it, and put it in my car for the road trip to our remote Kick Off in San Antonio.

Fun animation, congratulations!

Thanks guys. We put a lot of work, effort, and time into this animation, and I’m happy that it paid off. The rest of the animations were also stellar.

Thanks for the pointer Sean. Everyone, please follow all the safety rules that you can find.


CONGRATULATION TO TEAM 375 for winning the 2007 Safety Animation Contest!

A great job and a great start for 2007.

Thankyou everyone for the congratulations and comments.

Your animation was cute, creative and clearly delivered the message “Surrounded by Safety”. You guys did a great job within a VERY short deadline.

Hehe, cute is what I was going for. The animation started out as sometihng very normal with ordinary models and no characters. However, one day while playing with pencil and paper in the lab I drew a first aid kit with eyes and a mouth. That’s when I decided to scrap the whole animation and make a whole new one with cute and wacky models to match the character. It was tough, but every once in a while I had to remind myself to “think cute.”

Congratulations guys, great animation. Hope to see you all at regionals!