Safety FIRST!!!!.JPG
Even as time get shorter as ship day becomes closer Safety Man would like for all teams to take proper precautions while working on your robots.
Thank You

that green piece of clothing looks like loose clothing to me.

It would really be funny/ironic/sad if he was wearing flipflops…

Oh, and where’s the respirator?

Ha ha ha… nice. You should take a look at our team video highlighting safety :slight_smile:

Very nice – I really liked it. (The girl on the left needs to lose that hoodie, though, and someone should teach them how to adjust the bandsaw to be safer. It’s not safe to use a bandsaw with six inches of exposed blade to cut 1/8" material.)

It is, but I think it’s a welder’s coat. Loose isn’t as dangerous when you are welding.

That reminds me of our team’s Safety Man shown on the left at this link: