Safety Forum

I am the safety captain for the FRC team #3374, the RoboBroncs. I was wondering about the possibility of a Safety Forum. I would love to hear you thoughts on this matter.

good idea!

What topics of discussion do you foresee?

Here’s my list of topics

-Safety Glasses reviews
-Don’t Do This
-Robot Testing Methods

What else?

Team safety policies
Safety outreach

I’m the safety captain for team 1987, The Broncobots. Whenever safety judges come by our pit at competitions, they are always impressed with our nametags. Our team always lists medical info of each student on the back of the card in case of emergency. Along with contact info for each of the coaches, as well as for the hotel we’re staying at. We also make a color code for pit access- it allows us to limit the number of necessary people in the pit. Black dots can stay, red dots have to stay in the stands or be scouting.

Our team also requires each member to take and pass a written safety test before using any of the machinery. Which obviously we require safety glasses for. The larger machinery (mill & lathe) requires additional training by a certified mentor.

With the cold weather, also mind drawstrings from hoodies. They can get caught in the machines.

Hope this was helpful!

Safety Captain of C.O.R.E. here. I think it would be very beneficial. If not a full-fledged forum, at least a subforum. I’ve mentored three teams in safety over CD and it would have been easier if I were just able to make a Safety Help Spot or Tips topic for anyone to see. C.O.R.E. will soon have a website devoted to safety and a message-board style section is part of the plan.:slight_smile:

Sounds like a good idea.

Profession trade forums I frequent have saftey sub forums. In between the arguments about how we need more saftey regulations or vise versa :smiley: there is often great information posted.

I actually oppose this. This website suffers from forum blight as it is with too many empty rooms (and a few overcrowded ones). If you want to make a generic guide to safety, put a stickied thread in the general forum with tips and stuff. But I can’t imagine how there would be enough actual material for active discussion to warrant the addition of a forum.

I don’t think that will amount to anything substantial or useful.

Could be entertaining.

Testing strategy is particular to each robot depending on its design.

I guess.

“We make everybody wear safety glasses for machining.”
“We make everybody wear safety glasses for drilling wood.”
“We give everyone identification tags.”

Should be enlightening.

Being able to train someone for a tool is almost the same as knowing how to use the tool.

OK… dunno how much of that is actually done.

I don’t want to look like a hater or rain on your party but I honestly think that this isn’t a necessary addition to the forum. Just my two cents.