Safety Glasses Emoticon

I was bored so I created an emoticon with safety glasses.

Its a bit bigger than the other ones here, but maybe Brandon will decide to use it.



This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in ChiefDelphi.

2 thumbs up.

very nice.

Can you make one without safety glasses who is bleeding from the eye (wear your glasses, kids!), or is that a bit macabre for a family forum?


would that be like 8) or 8( ?

if i poked my eye out with a drill then the last thing id be doing is smiling :stuck_out_tongue:

Safety glasses as forehead protectors?

Well, actually I was thinking of making something like this (a bit less… Gore, lol)… I guess since everyone likes it so much ill go ahead and make it… :smiley:

This is sweet! If I had enough thumbs, I would give it 3 thumbs up!

poor guy didnt wear his safety glasses




I love the safety glass smiley

Those are huge safety glasses. Any smaller versions that poor smiley can obtain?

Everyone seemed to want an opposite of the “Safe” emoticon. So I tried to make one, what do you think about this?



Nice, says what it is without any gore, now if these are just available as basic smileys everywhere

I managed to get Brandon to add them to the forum! Yay!
::safety:: ::ouch::

Yay!::safety:: ::ouch:: ::safety:: ::ouch:: ::safety::



::safety:: ::safety:: ::ouch:: ::ouch::


We need to get James bored more often. During comp season he was so bored he created a program to easily configure the WPA keys for all teams.

::ouch:: Fantastic creativity & implementation! Most appropriate & helpful emoticons I’ve ever seen (with my well protected eyes). ::safety::

man that must have taken some serious boredom ::safety::