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I just bought these safety glasses in preparation for the Houston World Championship and now looking at them I’m wondering if they’re to dark to wear for competition?

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They could be depending on lighting conditions. Personally, I am a fan of clear and don’t see any real benefit to tinted pairs.

4.1.2 Safety Glasses & Protective Eyewear
Safety glasses and protective eyewear are designed to provide a shield around the entire eye to protect against hazards such as splashes of liquids, burns from steam, compressed air, and flying wood or metal debris.

To prevent injury, all individuals in the pit area, the practice field area and the arena must wear safety glasses or protective eyewear that is ANSI-approved, UL-Listed, CE EN166 rated, AS/NZS certified or CSA rated. If glasses are tinted, only lightly tinted yellow, rose, blue, and amber tints are FIRST approved. Reflective lenses are prohibited; your eyes must be clearly visible to others.

The use of anything other than ANSI-approved, UL-Listed, CE EN166 rated, AS/NZS certified or CSA rated eye protection is prohibited.


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There is actually a rule about this:

E02. Personal safety comes first.
A. All team members must wear safety glasses (only ANSI-approved, UL Listed, CE EN166 rated, AS/NZS certified, or CSA rated non-shaded) while in and around the playing field and in the pit area.
Lightly tinted lenses are permitted provided eyes are clearly visible to others, but reflective lenses are prohibited.
B. All team members must wear closed toed/heeled shoes.
C. All team members must tie back long hair.
D. All team members must wear appropriate clothing.

Violation: A verbal warning. Repeated violations will be addressed by the Head REFEREE, the Lead ROBOT Inspector and/or Event Management.

Found in the Event Rules Manual.

This is my opinion also, unless you are outside and it is sunny, which it is not at an event.

I sadly bought a pair of safety glasses similar to this one, and they were too reflective (not the tint that was an issue). It looked fine in home-depot lighting, but not in the pits at a district event!

I recommend yellow tinted 3M glasses - very comfortable, very high quality, nice safety glasses.


I do recommend the 3M glasses, love them. As for your glasses in the picture, as long as your eyes are visible you’re okay

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3rd the 3M glasses.

@bsimmons: Del Mar and San Diego regionals, and some offseasons, are held in outdoors or outdoors-like conditions.

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