Safety Glasses?

I just went to the eye doctor and I was going to get safety glasses, but the glasses cost too much! Is there any other alternative way to be safe while not wearing a safety goggle and then glasses underneath. It hurts while trying to wear two different pairs of glasses.

Isn’t there shield for the sides of your glasses you can wear?


Yes - Team 45 has handed these out in the past. They are available from MSC:

There are side shields you can buy from anywhere pretty much.

Also, while at Chesapeake this year, one of the team members was looking at bifocal safety glasses that MSC sold. He said that they were a good idea, but the bifocal (glasses part) was too far down so he had to strain his eye when looking through the glasses part or something like that.

Anyways, look into it on the MSC website, as they may be of use to you.

Side shields do exist and some teams give them out but I’m not sure about the use of them. At GLR side shields were not allowed and regular safety glasses had to be worn, but at WMR side shields were allowed and the safety adviser recommended them. i don’t know about other regionals or Championships

Yeah because it is just a pain to wear safety glasses with your regular glasses. It was so uncomfortable at the Philadelphia Regional. I am going to ask this question on FIRST Q/A

Now I’ve seen this several times online, but at GLR I never heard such an announcement made. If it was announced on the field, it certainly wasn’t announced in the pits.

There is one truth that might have led to this rumor. A certain well-known team with a widely used website used to give out side shields. As my safety glasses were becoming annoying over my glasses, I went to see their mentor in their pit area to see if I could get some. He said they had been advised that they should no longer hand them out. They could be opening themselves up to liability issues. Because the team cannot control where those shields were used, they could be giving an individual a false sense of security. The shields could have been used on any pair of street glasses, not just those with polycarb lenses.

Ever consider looking into wearing contacts + safety glasses? Once you get used to them, its a lot easier to not have to deal with doubling up on glasses.

I wear $3 safety glasses over my regular glasses. I have fairly large regular glasses and the safety glasses still fit just fine. You don’t need goggles, just look for some well fitting glasses.

How hard is it to go into the pits, wear the uncomfortable ones for 5 minutes while you cut a little lexan, drill 4 holes and attach them to your normal glasses?

As long as your glasses are shatter proof, side shields will work, and they are inexpensive.

Contacts are sometimes worn underneath safety glasses, but if something gets into your eye even with the glasses, such as a metal shaving, you could do severe damage to your eye while trying to remove the particle. Contacts and Safety glasses should be avoided, but you can use them if you wish.

If you look at my WAI picture I’m wearing safety glasses over normal glasses. I had no trouble with it, because they were large enough to fit over the glasses. Beware, though, if you have a big head like mine, many safety glasses will pinch your head, so it’s well worth it to get big safety glasses for bothe of these reasons.

Before I got contacts I wore side shields on my glasses.

I was able to get Bouton Flex Side Shields at Opticare.

I had these ones though but got the Bouton Flex ones for other team members.


“To qualify as safety glasses, regular corrective vision glasses must be polycarbonate/plastic material with attached side shields. For all other glasses, you must wear safety goggles over them.”

I had a pair of side shields that was wearing at the championship last year, but I hadn’t worn them since a Q’er @ the championship told me I couldn’t enter the field area until I put on safety glasses over my glasses.

However, at West Michigan this year, the head safety inspector was hanging around our pit and saw that I was wearing some clunky safety glasses over my eye glasses and handed me a pair of simple side shields.

That assumes you can see the drill without your glasses.

What is worse is that you forget you’re not wearing the safety glasses, and you walk over to the pits…

A full-face shield is not a bad idea, either. Very comfortable with regular glasses.


You can get safety side shields from: Safety Glasses USA on the web.

Team #47 has passed these out for several years.

The approved use has varied from regional to regional. Check with the safety advisor to see if they will allow them.

Wearing safety glasses over my existing glasses is a safety issue with me as with additional glasses I cannot see due to the distortion ( I have Tri-focals with special lenses), side shields allow me to see clear with min. distortion - YES my lenses are Poly carb.