Safety glasses???

are there any special or specific safety glasses that we are obligated to use or can we use any kind of glasses?

See Team Update #5, as well as the other team updates.

There are some new rules about tinting and shaded glasses in the latest team update (and discussion here:

3.3.4 NEW: Mandatory Safety Glasses - They aren’t forehead protectors
NEW: FIRST requires all teams to bring and supply, for each competition, ANSI-approved nonshaded
safety glasses for its team members, mentors, and guests.
For our purposes, amber lenses that allow for better/brighter vision are considered tinted, not
shaded, and their use is allowed at FIRST events. Sunglasses or deeply shaded safety glasses
used in our indoor event environment are not acceptable.
Students and adult team members and guests must wear approved safety glasses when:

- NEW: Entering the Pit

  • Uncrating the robot
    - In the Pit, everyone must wear them at all times
  • Working on the robot
    - When observing any robot building/repair work
    - While competing – mentor, human player, 2 operators
    Operators, players, and mentors will not be allowed on the competition field without approved safety
    glasses. Regular glasses do not qualify as safety glasses, and you must use approved safety
    goggles over them. Goggles are not required over glasses if the glasses are ANSI-approved with
    side shields.

I would presume that it would be best to get z87+ certified glasses.

Basically, get glasses that cover the entire eye area (including the sides)

If you have glasses, side shields are prohibited but you can get larger glasses that will allow room for your prescription glasses.


Just to clarify this…if you have prescription safety glasses with approved side shields, are they allowed?

I think that what is not allowed is to have non-safety prescription glasses with side shields added, without approved protection over the regular glasses (goggles must be worn over regular prescription glasses)

Prescription safety glasses are expensive, but are much more comfortable than wearing goggles.

Well, I was informed that side shields weren’t allowed.

The rule enforcement will probably be different depending on the regional though.

I wouldn’t recommend bringing only side shields because they might say something. The people on my team that have glasses use larger glasses (with a larger width I guess) that are pretty comfortable.

Please read the rules so you don’t mislead other teams. This was pasted by fsayre earlier in this thread, and comes directly out of team update #5:

Goggles are not required over glasses if the glasses are ANSI-approved with side shields.

My apologies.

I was merely referring to plastic side shields people used to wear on the sides of their normal glasses.

If I am correct, ANSI approved glasses are actual glasses. I was referring to the side shields that were small, plastic and came in large packs. :o

Several members of my team have regular glasses, even our Head Coach.

As the safety captain, I’m kinda in a rut, because our safty glasses never seem to be big enough…

I need ideas. I can’t make them buy their own huge set of safety glasses, and I don’t have a budget.

Try approaching companies in your area and asking if they’d help sponsor your team by paying for ANSI-approved prescription safety glasses for the students who need them.

Your line of thought intriques me.