Safety Glasses

If you are in need of safety glasses that are ANSI approved, we have a sponsor that will donate .50 cents to Team 302 for every pair of safety glasses purchased from their web store. Go to Team 302’s website ( and see the link on the home page. Prices start at $2.50 per pair with quantity discounts available. Please contact Team 302 on our website and help us with our fundraiser. Thank you for your support and good luck this season everybody.

That is a good idea for a fund raiser, you guys should buy a bunch and sell them at the competitions that you attend.

A good idea, except for this rule prohibiting it, sorry.

We thought about selling them at competitions but were not allowed to do that they say.:rolleyes:

Team 302


I am trying to go to your website but it keeps telling me that it is not currently unavailable. I was trying yesterday too and got the same thing.

Are site is getting updated… It should be up and running soon:yikes:

Great thanks. I am happy to help another team raise funds. We are looking for unique ways to do so too.

Since we are unsure as to how long the site will be down, here’s the direct link to the store.

Team 302’s web site is still down. If you are looking to purchase safety glasses from our web site you can go direct to: We are working hard to get our site back up and running. Thank you for your support of our fundraiser!!

Team 302’s website is up and running.