Safety in St. Louis

Besides for the possible food poisoning going around Champs, teams should also remember to be cautious while in St. Louis.

According to a post on, one FRC team member was mugged outside his hotel room last night, and also FRC Team 4531’s (STEMpunk) truck and trailer were stolen and have not yet been found. Luckily, everything had already been unloaded from the truck and trailer, but it seems like the police don’t expect them to show anytime soon.

Although the America’s Center and Edward Jones Dome are relatively safe, the area surrounding the venues are not always so. Remember to look out for one another, and there is usually safety in numbers.

Our driver was vomiting this morning. He also went to the baseball game last night and had some stadium food. He had a nose bleed as well so that may have been related (if it drained down his throat).

That chicken picture is horrifying.

Edit : one of our mentors bought chicken as well and it was raw all the way through.

we were told that many of the chicken strips weren’t fully cooked (which really surprises me that they would undercook chicken for this kind of venue). We had about 2 students who went back to the hotel due to sickness as well. Hope everyone is doing better.

To repeat what I said in the other thread, sicknesses like this are usually viruses, not food poisoning. Wash your hands!