Safety Learning Portal Megathread

Hey guys,

I’m the Safety Mentor for team 6498.

I haven’t checked Discord, so I’m setting up a thread to talk about navigating and working through the UL Safety Learning Portal.

The 4 training modules I’ve been through so far seem pretty good. It took me 15 minutes, but I was familiar with most of the concepts, so students will take longer. I was once HAZWHOPER certified a lifetime ago, so I may be the only one that geeks out for the SDS module.

Logging in is not user friendly. Students were getting kicked out after 2 attempts (what is this -Homeland Security?) or their email and passwords were not recognized and they had to sign in with a different email. I enrolled 15 students 10 days ago, then 10 more 5 days ago. When I enrolled the second set, I just hit select all to be fast, I didn’t remember who had signed in first. Also note, it only selects for the one page, you have to go to the second page to select again. It warned me that I had already enrolled some students and gave me their names. Apparently, that meant that it ignored my second enroll request.

In other words, you have to keep track of who you already enroll and when new kids enroll, you have to select the course and then select them by name. Ugh. I guess It’s not bad if you have a small group, and everyone shows up the same day to register.

The biggest issue is now that other mentors have registered, I’ve lost the ability to assign and enroll these new students. One of the mentors magically got this ability as he registered this morning, not sure how he did it. He is a great guy, but technology phobic. I sent a note to the safety learning portal gods but now have to wait 48 hours for a response.

Question: Are you all assigning all the badges to everyone? I’m trying to avoid the “theater” aspect and only assign what will be useful to which students. Everyone is doing fire safety and PPE, but I’m not convinced Business needs the SDS badge. We did cover what SDS are in a previous group safety workshop.


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Our team is having all students complete all training modules. While not all the Safety Opportunities will affect everyone, it may be useful if they get injured or if they see someone get injured.

So. Never could get back my ability to enroll others. I’m now registered three times with different emails. But everyone is enrolled. I’ve had students take up to 45 minutes with the badges, so keep that in mind.

I’ve also not been able to work through hearing safety, which I think is pretty important. It says I need to take another hearing safety course, which hasn’t been posted. So perhaps there are more to come…

I finished the courses. I added up that I had 3.25 hrs to finish them all.

If you need course names, I can add them.

The safety manual is probably most relevant, but also least polished. Compared to the others. And it is a long course. PPE, hearing, fire, tools, and safety manual would be my essential list.

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