Safety Outreach

I need an easy wood (with hammer and nails) or electrical projects that are hands-on for 10-12 yr.olds. for a Safety Outreach. Any ideas? Our goals are to practice some of the FIRST safety rules while they make something fun.

Why create another thread when you have nearly the same one here?

I would reach out to many of the larger hardware stores.

I have done a few build days with our local Lowe’s.
They have wood building kits for just this… Some even have build badges for scouts.
Lowe’s run several kids build projects on many weekends for free.
Lets the parents shop while the kids learn some basic tools and get a neat project to take home and improve upon.
Building upon Lowe’s future customer base can’t hurt :cool:

These are perfect for this as the assembly is designed for this age group.

Any questions let me know,


Thank you. We’ll try that.