Safety Prep

I was wondering what every team does for their safety protocol when bringing in new members, refreshing returning members, and are there any special situations in the machine shop that require more or less safety measures?

My team’s machine shop training is required by our district to use the online site, however, I don’t think this safety training specifically pertains to FRC teams but more so construction and vague relations to a machine shop environment. What other methods of training should I go about with my team to make sure they are well prepared and safe?

Every student member of the Torbots, regardless of how many seasons they’ve been on the team, is required to take the safety test every season. It covers basics and some operational items with respect to our shop machinery.

FRC teams specifically need to look at the FRC Safety Manualas well as whatever team-specific items there are. Sometimes, safety glasses aren’t enough.

So did your team make the test yourselves or was it something FIRST made?

FIRST only publishes the Safety Manual. They don’t test on it. As far as I’m aware, FIRST only does tests to train volunteers. All other rules tests, safety tests, etc. are done by teams.

We have our own internal documents and safety test, along with on-tool training. They were developed by our Shop Ops mentor, and possibly past teams, to fit our shop and shop rules. I don’t know if I can get those posted or not.

And I think this is why FIRST doesn’t do that sort of testing:
There is an immense variety of tools with the various teams. There are teams with CNC machines, or sheet machines. We’ve got various saws, a mill, a lathe, and a welder, and most hand tools/cordless tools. There are teams that maybe have some hand tools. If you’ve got a team with one cordless drill, they don’t need the safety stuff for the team with CNCs. Not yet, at any rate… (If they work at a sponsor’s shop that has CNCs, the sponsor would be generally expected to go over basics, like “don’t open the guard when the machine is running”.)