Safety Programs

After reading the safety manual multiple times I still do not know many of the safety rules. I feel there needs to be a forum or sub-forum concerning safety to help clarify rules for old and new teams. Safety is clearly an important part of FIRST, with its own manual, special position, and multiple awards. I feel there is oftentimes a lack of awareness for safety and it gets a back seat.
As a safety captain I can appreciate tips any other safety captains have for checklists, team safety rules, etc. Access to this information would also greatly benefit rookie teams. One additional thing, could CD add a Safety Captain team role? It would make coordinating with other Safety Captains from other teams easier.

On that note, here are my suggestions for rookie team Safety Captains:

  1. Read the safety manual
  2. Summarize the most important rules for the team’s use
  3. Create safety lists for each group in your team
  4. MAKE SAFETY CHECKLISTS, all workplaces use checklists to prevent accidents FIRST Robotics is no exception
  5. At events ASK SENIOR SAFETY CAPTAINS FOR ADVICE, they can give you tips and advice

The three most important things to keep in mind are SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY, even if it makes your team hate you.

thank you i will be doing the checklists from now on. I’ve come up with an idea that i still have to polish up. I call it the Safety Captain Apprenticeship Program (SCAP) the safety captain, when they’re in their junior year in HS, picks a freshman student to train as safety captain for after that safety captain is gone. The idea came to me when i realized that there are a lot of rookie safety captains that have no clue what to do. if you want any more information please Private Message me.::safety::