Safety Training

Our team is revamping our safety training. Rather than recreate the wheel, we were wondering what other people did and / or what materials they used.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


For our tool training we used a modified version of the Tool Safety guide found here:

It has nice quizzes but a few of the rules and questions needed to be adapted for our uses.

Do you have any corporate sponsors? If so, ask them for some safety guidance. Most (if not all - and it should be all) corporations have a strong safety program with safety experts available to speak to you. They probably have safety manuals you could borrow as well.

If you have a corporate sponsor, have them involve their EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) people in the planning of your safety program. They have access to what you are looking for for the safety of the students (and mentors). You will have to modify the materials to meet what we do at “FIRST” but it can be done. You will end up with a stronger safety program in the end.

It’s 2016 now, but I’m getting a virus hit on that website.

You can try creating a project that involves the tools in your shop. For example. you can have the students design and build a wooden version of the hats you wear at competition. The hats would obviously not be life-sized but once completed, the students can use them as decorations or a pencil holder. This lets the students explore team imagery as well as the shop.

I tried the link and the link, but it did not work.

Our team is listening a Safety presentation as well as safety training on a training week.