Hi All,
We are an FRC team that’s interested in hosting a Safety Outreach at our Shop/School for 10-12 yr. olds. We’re asking if anyone has advice or ideas for games or projects. In small groups, they’ll tour our shop where we will explain the necessary safety rules. Then the kids would do a project where they’d practice some of those safety rules…safety glasses, hair tied back, etc.

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I remember at Worlds this year, UL was promoting their new safety outreach program, which they described as a way to help teach safety to younger students. Sounds like this would line up with what you’re doing quite well.

Here’s the business card:

I haven’t actually participated, so I don’t know all the specifics of the program. Let me know if it works out!

Whoops, looks like the image didn’t embed. Here’s a link:

We have done a few coloring books on tool safety for just that.
One of our coloring book series was featured in our local McDonnald’s Happy Meals!

There should still be a copy of one of our presentations as well.
I will send a few emails to alumni who were part of that project.

I will look for the files, or scan one of the books over the winter break.

I should have them up on our website soon. we are doing a complete rebuild and we hope to have it completed before kickoff.

Look for the resource tab coming soon to

We will have all of our outreach handouts, links to presentations as well as our chairman’s essays.


My previous employer showed this video in a safety meeting and I thought it was an eye-opener. I think it would play well to 10-12 year old school kids as well.